42 Do Szczęścia

Be brave to run new paths

42 Do Szczescia „42 To Happiness” is a charity event organized since 2013. Its purpose is to raise money for limb prosthesis. This action is a dream come true for people who at the best moment of their life experienced a tragedy. Tragedy which is combined in an accident with an outcome of an amputation. Every year a group of enthusiasts, some of them are debutants, run in Cracovia Maraton to help those who are in need. We’ve created the website and promotional materials but that wasn’t all – we had the pleasure of being a part of this unique marathon team.

Client: Poza Horyzonty
Date: 2013-03-08

Visual identification

42 To Happiness is a charity event addressed to marathon runners. Therefore, when designing the visual identification of the project, we focused on the symbols well known to runners.

The name of this event has a number 42 in it as that is the number of kilometers in the marathon. In the number, we entered the figure of a happy marathoner who, with raised arms, crosses the finish line. Every person that has run a marathon knows how enormous is the satisfaction in that felling. The whole is maintained in green color symbolizing hope and freshness.

Web page

The website of the project had two purposes. The first was to encourage runners to join the marathon team. The second was collecting funds for the persons under Beyond Horizons Foundation’s care.

The site has been maintained in the colors of the project. Visitors were greeted with a clear Call to Action, first encouraging to write to the team and then to support the action. Each edition of 42 To Happiness had a specific financial goal, which could be followed on a progress bar informing how much money was collected. A clean and bright website encouraged users not only to make donations, but also to read the news, get to know the team or take part in charity auctions.

42 Do Szczęścia
42 Do Szczęścia


In total, over 200 runners ran in four editions of the campaign, and the collected amount exceeded PLN 110,000.

thanks to the commitment of the members 42 To Happiness became one of the most recognizable charity events organized during marathon runs. Green jerseys of runners have become a trademark and proudly stand proof of belonging to the team. We are happy that we could have contributed to the success of the project.

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