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The company exists since 2011 and is a distributor of products and stone materials, its treatment, impregnation, etc. Abra-Marmi supplies equipment from well-known manufacturers from around the world. Our task was to prepare a new online shop that would be easy to manage.

Client: Abra-Marmi
Services: grafika i wdrożenie sklepu

Online shop

Abra-Marmi is not only a stationary shop, but also an e-commerce platform operating on the Internet.

The previous Abra-Marmi online shop was not on WordPress. The biggest challenges that we had to face were not only the creation of a shop, but also the efficient transfer of several hundred products to the new platform.



The Abra-Marmi shop has been moved to an easy to use WooCommerce system.

We are glad that the shop owner, Barbara, can actively use the new system. Promoting, adding new products and news has become a much easier task that takes less time.

Thanks to the integration with fast payments gateways (up to a certain amount), customers have the opportunity to quickly pay for products, and the shop is sure that it does not pay too much commission for more expensive products.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Brave New, which made a website for us. Thanks to the full professionalism, combined with the opening for the customer's needs and his suggestions, I can enjoy the creation of a functional and effective final effect.
The company has also prepared a series of trainings that teach independent management of the website. What's more, it is always available for additional queries related to website support.
The creativity, reliability, and expertise of Brave New makes me recommend it to anyone who expects services at the highest level.

Barbara Rurańska the owner of Abra-Marmi

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