Biuro Net

Be brave to sell new products

Biuronet is a company that since 1995. provides clients with everything that is necessary in the office. The old version of the online shop was already outdated, which is why the company came to us to design a new graphic design.

Client: Biuro Net
Services: Web design

Web Design

The most important thing when designing a new version of the website was the convenience for the user.

When designing an online shop, it is one of the most important issues, because possible errors affect the amount of sales.



Biuronet.com received a completely new design. The entire project consisted of several dozen views.

We have designed both standard subpages, but also subpages of the client’s panel, search view, basket or “storage” for products.

Each of the elements on the page passed through our hands, thanks to which the new shop’s design is consistent and functional. While creating the new look we have also improved the usability of the website, which will certainly affect the comfort of use and increase sales of products.

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