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GdzieWyjechac.pl is one of the largest online blogs in Poland. Marcin and Ania have been traveling around the world for years, and share their adventures and knowledge with Internet users. They show how to combine passion, love and travel.

Client: GdzieWyjechać.pl
Services: logotyp, identyfikacja wizualna

Visual identification

After several years of operation, the GdzieWyjechac.pl blog needed a new logo and visual identification.

The old sign – although recognizable and liked by readers – was already outdated. The changes were designed to introduce a new direction and arouse a wave of fresh, positive energy on the blog.

Gdzie Wyjechać
Gdzie Wyjechać


Together with Marcin and Ania we’ve designed a logo that perfectly reflects their approach to life.

In the face of the new logo we have indicators known from maps – it’s the travel symbol. They combine to a heart – a symbol of love and in a shape of a butterfly, which refers to the old sign and the slogan “Wandering Butterflies”, which the authors use.

We have also prepared a basic book showing how you can use the logo in pictures, films or other materials created by the authors.

We have also designed a visual identity for the new logo which includes business cards, letterhead, folders and envelopes. To enter them into the travel we’ve used the pattern which shows the difference in elevation in maps.

Volcanoes of ideas in the bodies of professionals and reliable project managers - in particular, in the subject of branding, graphics, presentations, UX. I've had and I have the pleasure to work with Brave New on both the business and partner side - the results surprised me more than positively each time.

Marcin Nowak
Marcin Nowak GdzieWyjechać.pl

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