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KodujMata is an online shop with mats for programming learning in pre-school and early school education. From 2017, coding was introduced into schools as a mandatory subject. As part of cooperation with the KodujMata team, we’ve prepared a visual design of mats elements and materials promoting products.

Client: KodujMata
Website: kodujmata.pl
Services: identyfikacja wizualna, web design, materiały promocyjne, projekt maty i elementów
Koduj Mata
Koduj Mata


The mat designed by us is the most beautiful product available on the market.

The design of the elements and the mat itself was a big challenge mainly due to short lead time. Created logo is supposed to symbolize the mat and that’s why it’s square shaped.

The 180/180 cm mat was designed in vector graphics. Also, we’ve designed over 1500 elements that come in a set with the mat (may be printed or downloaded).

Our work also involved the creation of an online shop and materials promoting the product: leaflets, folders, posters and letterhead.

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