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The Polish Red Cross is one of the oldest and best known non-governmental organizations operating in the country. The PCK’s mission is to prevent the suffering of ordinary people and protect human dignity. In 2017, we faced the challenge of creating a new website of the Regional Branch of the Lesser Polish Red Cross. We were responsible for the preparation of the graphic design and its implementation. The task was not easy, as PCK takes action on 18 levels, additionally organizing various types of charity actions and projects.

Client: MOO PCK
Website: malopolska.pl
Services: projekt i wdrożenie strony www, grafika

Web page

The challenge, which we had to cope with on the implementation of this project was to design the appropriate information architecture.

18 thematic sections and over a dozen projects implemented during the year – these numbers are impressive. We decided to present PCK activities in the form of a clear grid on the home page. In addition, these items were included in the so-called Mega Menu, which facilitates navigation on sites with many subpages. Subpages have been created in the structure of tabs, so that the user doesn’t have to load a new page every time, and simply switches quickly between individual blocks of information.

Additional realizations

Cooperation with MOO PCK didn’t end with the performance of the website.

For the organization, we also prepared a leaflet project, and then introduced new functionalities on the portal’s website. The most important of them were related to the preparation for the 1% Campaign and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Polish Red Cross. Some subpages were then modified to encourage donors to donate as much as possible. For this purpose, we’ve changed some of the buttons and added a minimalistic pop-up with information about the possibilities for support.

PCK Kraków
PCK Kraków
PCK Kraków
PCK Kraków
PCK Kraków
PCK Kraków


Thanks to the cooperation the Regional Branch of the Lesser Polish PCK has received a new internet portal which is easy to manage and allows you to quickly find the necessary information.

Portal users can quickly transfer money or learn how to become a member of MOO PCK. The clear division of the main page and the architecture of the subpages allow a fast movement between particular thematic sections. What is extremely rewarding for us – PCK has received a tool that can be easily managed. The website lives, and PCK employees regularly use the system to update information, add new content and photos.

I am pleased to recommend Brave New to all those who are looking for a reliable partner to cooperate with. We are very pleased with the performance of the www.pck.malopolska.pl website. Professional advice, professionalism combined with creativity and personal commitment have resulted in the creation of a modern website. Also, the ongoing cooperation in the field of service modernization and ongoing assistance in service as well as the efficiency of the operation and good communication with the company's employees deserve high recognition. The level of service, professionalism, knowledge and cleverness deserves to recommend Brave New as a dependable and reliable partner.

Małgorzata Pyka
Małgorzata Pyka Regional Branch of the Lesser Polish PCK

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