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Marcin Okrucinski is an attorney from Torun. He specializes in economic law, administrative law, civil law and in family and guardianship law. Cooperation with Mr. Marcin consisted in creating a coherent and clear visual identity as well as website with an offer for business and individual clients.

Client: Marcin Okruciński
Website: okrucinski.pl
Services: branding, www


While preparing the logo for Marcin Okrucinski, we referred to antiquity and used the initials of an attorney.

While designing materials, we wanted to refer to values and symbols which for many years have been associated with the field of law. The logo designed by Wojtek Wozniak is a column placed on a shield, in which the letters M and O have been entered. The entire implementation has been prepared in colors gold and black referring to solidity. These colors dominate throughout the visual identity and on the client’s website.

Marcin Okruciński
Marcin Okruciński
Marcin Okruciński
Marcin Okruciński


The Marcin Okrucinski brand stands out for its expressive, easy-to-remember and interesting image.

The brand has been supplemented with a functional website which advertises the most important information about the lawyer’s activity was posted.

The site is very light and loads quickly even on slower computers. Clearly presented content and contact placed in a visible place give new recipients the opportunity to quickly learn what Mr. Marcin is offering.

We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Brave New, which we entrusted with designing and creating the website of Marcin Okrucinski's attorney's law firm, designing the logo of the office and developing a business card design.
At the same time, we would like to emphasize that we evaluate our cooperation at a very high rating and we recommend it to everyone who is looking for the right entity, to whom they want to entrust the preparation of their website, designing the appropriate logotype or developing a business card design.
With satisfaction, we have to admit that working with this company was a very good choice. Representatives of Brave New, have demonstrated competence, knowledge of the subject, creativity and great commitment to work. The process of creating each product was dynamic, in a creative and at the same time nice atmosphere. It must be admitted that this entrepreneur approaches the tasks entrusted with honesty and reliability. In the foreground, you can see the customer orientation and professional and timely service. It could be noted that Brave New approaches each order very individually and with full commitment.

Maciej Oruciński
Marcin Okruciński Lawyer

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