Smok Blog

Be brave to write a new blog

Smok Blog is a series of meetings for people interested in the blogosphere and social media in Krakow. We organized the first conference in 2014. In addition to the organization of the event itself, we were responsible for the design of the logotype, graphic materials and the promotion of the event on the Internet.

Client: Smok Blog
Services: logotyp, art direction


For two years we managed to invite on to the individual events the most famous creators of Polish blogosphere, who shared their experience and knowledge about creating on the web.

Among the invited guests were Michal Szafranski, Andrzej Tucholski, Busem przez Swiat “Around the world with a bus”, Stay Fly, Testaway.pl, Pani Czasu Czas “Mrs. Time”, Jakub Gornicki and many other bloggers who willingly shared their knowledge. The interest in the event exceeded our expectations. For each edition, tickets spread in literally tens of minutes.

We were also responsible for cooperation with sponsors who supported our project. The brands that co-created Smok Blog with us included companies such as TP-Link, Kupon.pl, Pizza Portal and AccorHotels.

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